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Creamy Lemony Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus - an easy one-pot skillet meal.

Creamy, Lemony Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus

This Creamy, Lemony Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus is an easy, one-pot meal with light and bright flavors for Spring. Are you tired of hearing about the one-pot meal yet? Never, you say? I thought so. The quick and easy meal will never go out of style, in my house at least! I'll never get tired of meals that dirty less pots and pans either. I love to cook, but washing dishes? Not so much. Another perk to one-pot cooking is that, since everything cooks together in one pot, the flavors have plenty of time to meld together. Take this Creamy, Lemony Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus, for example. The pasta cooks in the same skillet where you browned the chicken. And the chicken continues ... [Continue Reading]

Kale Pesto Pasta - pasta tossed with creamy pesto and toasty pine nuts.  A healthy meatless meal!

Kale Pesto Pasta

Kale plays a starring role in this Kale Pesto Pasta. A flavor-packed, creamy pesto sauce coats whole wheat linguine pasta for a satisfying and healthy meatless meal. Today I've got another easy meal to add to your repertoire. Because who doesn't love a recipe that's quick to make on a weeknight, yet so good that you will look forward to dinner time all day? All it takes to get this Kale Pesto Pasta on the table is: (1) mix up the pesto sauce, which is takes just minutes in the food processor, and (2) boil some pasta. Add in a salad and some bread to make a complete meal. Brad and I couldn't stop raving about this Kale Pesto Pasta as we were eating it. The pesto is packed with ... [Continue Reading]

Easy Slow Cooker Lasagna - 20 minutes of prep and then your crock pot does the rest!

Easy Slow Cooker Lasagna

This crock pot lasagna is possibly the easiest lasagna you will ever make. A few minutes of stovetop cooking for the meat and onions, and then into your slow cooker everything goes. Dinner will be ready when you are! Not to state the obvious or anything, but it's January. Which for many of us means we are in full-on winter. No, I don't live where it snows or gets below zero or anything, but temperatures still drop and we have our share of rainy, windy weather here. What's more comforting on a cold winter day than knowing your dinner is cooking away in the slow cooker, and making your house smell amazing at the same time? Not much, except maybe the fact that when dinnertime does ... [Continue Reading]

Cheesy Shells with Broccoli and Chicken - Mac and cheese with a nutrition boost! | Kristine's Kitchen

Cheesy Shells with Broccoli and Chicken

A steaming bowl of macaroni and cheese is pure comfort food. Mix in some cooked chicken and broccoli, and you have a complete meal. These Cheesy Shells with Broccoli and Chicken are creamy, cheesy pasta at its best. Macaroni and Cheese. The ultimate comfort food. When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than sitting down to a bowl full of warm, cheesy pasta. The only problem is that on it's own, mac and cheese doesn't make much of a balanced meal. Sure, you can roast some broccoli or make a salad to go alongside, but how about instead boosting the nutrition of the mac and cheese itself? Enter these Cheesy Shells with Broccoli and Chicken. Here we have four food groups all ... [Continue Reading]

Easy Cheesy Beef and Pasta Skillet:  a one-pot meal the whole family will love | Kristine's Kitchen

Easy Cheesy Beef and Pasta Skillet

This pasta skillet is a one-pot meal that the whole family will love.  The pasta cooks right in the tomato meat sauce, soaking up tons of flavor! Hey there. How was your weekend? We've had gorgeous weather here, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. It's so beautiful outside this time of year with all of the fall colors. Brad took the kids to the park on Saturday while I got my hair done (I was way overdue!), and then Julia and I went out for a walk and some fresh air on Sunday. Saturday night about 12:30 we woke up to the sound of the signature barky cough of croup. William apparently is prone to getting croup, as this was the third time he's had it. The past two ... [Continue Reading]

Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna Rolls, filled with zucchini, mushrooms, and 3 cheeses | Kristine's Kitchen

Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna Rolls

Zucchini, crimini mushrooms, and three cheeses fill these Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna Rolls.  These are easier to make than traditional lasagna, and just as satisfying! This third pregnancy is starting to slow me down, guys.  I'm still in the second trimester - 24 weeks now - but I am definitely noticing a change in my energy levels the past two weeks.  I feel like there is always so much to get done, and I'm finding that I need to sit down and rest more often than I used to.  The upside is that with each week I'm feeling my baby girl move more and more.  Those tiny kicks and wiggles are a precious reminder that there's really a little person growing in there. A challenge right now is ... [Continue Reading]

Summer Vegetable Skillet Lasagna - a healthy one-dish weeknight meal! | Kristine's Kitchen

Summer Vegetable Skillet Lasagna

Need another easy summer meal in your rotation?  You will love this Summer Vegetable Skillet Lasagna, full of fire-roasted tomatoes and summer squash! I'm all about the easy meals these days. You too? When dinnertime nears, I just don't have the motivation or desire to make a complicated meal. And, let's be realistic, even easy meals take longer than they should when you're also supervising 5- and 2-year old siblings. Julia and William have actually been wonderful about playing together nicely lately, but, you know, sharing is hard! Most often, I'm having to stop them from having so much fun that someone's going to accidentally get hurt. Like when they decide to ... [Continue Reading]

Tortellini with Spinach, Onion, and Pine Nuts - a favorite easy meal that's full of flavor! | Kristine's Kitchen

Tortellini with Spinach, Onion, and Pine Nuts

This simple pasta dish is full of cheesy tortellini, healthy spinach, and crunchy pine nuts. It's a delicious easy dinner, and is also great as a cold pasta salad for lunch. Today's recipe is an old favorite from the early days of the blog (July 2010!) that deserved an updated photo and repost to highlight it once again. I've been making this Tortellini with Spinach, Onion, and Pine Nuts for years, and it's still a family favorite! Are any of you feeling a little lazy lately? I certainly am, especially when it comes to cooking dinner. I want a homecooked meal most nights, but don't want to put in a whole lot of effort to get it! I'd much rather spend my time outdoors or relaxing ... [Continue Reading]

Easy Two Cheese  Pasta with Chickpeas - make a big batch for healthy lunches or a quick dinner | Kristine's Kitchen

Easy Two Cheese Pasta with Chickpeas

Make a batch of this Easy Two Cheese Pasta with Chickpeas and you'll have a healthy lunch ready for yourself or the kids in no time! This recipe is part of my Healthy Bites for Kids series, featuring easy recipes for breakfasts, lunches and snacks. While I’ve designed these recipes to be enjoyed by kids, adults will love them too! Do you get crazy hungry super fast when lunch time nears? Like, so hungry you need to eat something right now or those around you better watch out? I, unfortunately have this problem. And my kids do too. (Uh oh.) Julia especially, but William's extreme hunger grumpiness came out the other day as well. Three people in one house who all get crazy hungry at ... [Continue Reading]

You will LOVE this Southwestern Pasta Salad with a spicy chili-lime dressing | Kristine's Kitchen

Southwestern Pasta Salad

Full of all of the southwestern flavors that you love, this Southwestern Pasta Salad with a spicy chili-lime dressing is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Pretty much everyone is a fan of pasta salad, right? It's a great crowd-pleasing dish that's easy to make and share at BBQ's and potlucks. The best pasta salads are full of pasta (of course) and veggies, all coated in a flavorful dressing. I've made all sorts of varieties of pasta salads, including this flavorful Greek pasta salad, an amazing pesto pasta salad, and one with orzo, tomatoes, and mint. I know I'm not alone in my love of southwestern flavors, and I thought they would make an awesome pasta salad. And was I ever right! ... [Continue Reading]

Roasted tomatoes and broccoli make this mac and cheese-style pasta something special. | Kristine's Kitchen

Cheesy Broccoli Tomato Pasta Bake

This macaroni and cheese-style pasta bake is made even better with roasted broccoli, roasted tomatoes, and whole grain pasta. The other day, the infamous “What's for dinner?” question came up in my house. I had a plan (as I usually do) but didn't feel like eating what I'd planned for. What's a busy mom of two to do? Make macaroni and cheese, of course!   Mac and cheese is always a winner with the kids, and this time I upped the nutritional value by adding some roasted broccoli and roasted tomatoes. My whole family loves roasted vegetables, and who can resist broccoli coated in a creamy, cheesy sauce? Not I.   ... [Continue Reading]

Kale and Baby Bella Lasagna- who knew a vegetable lasagna could be this good?  ~ Kristine's Kitchen

Kale and Baby Bella Lasagna

Who knew that a meatless lasagna made with kale and baby bella mushrooms could be this good?  We don't follow a strict meatless Monday rule in our house, but we do eat meatless meals most nights both for food budget and health reasons. On the nights when our meals are based around vegetables and proteins such as beans, eggs, or cheese (yes, cheese counts as a protein in my book!), we never miss the meat. Take this lasagna for example. I've been wanting to make a kale lasagna for a while, and I decided to add baby bella, or crimini, mushrooms to it because mushrooms tend to add some heartiness to a dish. Between the whole wheat lasagna noodles, cheeses, sauce, and vegetables, this ... [Continue Reading]

Skillet Baked Penne- cheesy baked pasta made in one dish - Kristine's Kitchen

Skillet Baked Penne

Perfect for weeknight suppers, this Skillet Baked Penne has all of the comfort of baked pasta without all of the fuss. Baked Penne is comfort food at it's best. Pasta, sausage, a tomato cream sauce, and gooey cheese all combine into one satisfying dish. The only problem? Typical baked pasta recipes are hardly practical on a weeknight. This Skillet Baked Penne recipe, however, can be made from start to finish in less than an hour. Plus, you will only have one pan to clean at the end. And, it makes a generous amount of food, so you will likely have leftovers (in other words, a night off from cooking!). Triple win! To make this, you start by browning some Italian sausage in an oven-safe ... [Continue Reading]

Chicken Florentine Artichoke Pasta Bake | Kristine's Kitchen

Chicken Florentine Artichoke Pasta Bake

This baked pasta is full of yumminess. There's artichoke hearts, spinach, cheese, chicken, and sun-dried tomatoes. And pasta, of course. I used whole-wheat, because it's my favorite, and good for you too. Do you need a meal to bring to a new neighbor or a friend with a new baby? This pasta bake is the perfect meal for gifting. After William was born, a good friend brought us a big dish of this and it fed us for days. It was wonderful.  The leftovers reheat well, and it's full of protein, carbs, and veggies, which is just what you need when you're putting all of your energy into taking care of a newborn. ... [Continue Reading]

Kristine's Kitchen: Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna

Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna

I love cooking with butternut squash this time of year. One of our favorite fall meals is butternut squash soup, homemade rolls, and a green salad. Roasted butternut squash, though, is hard to resist, especially when it's combined with a bechamel sauce and three cheeses in a lasagna. This lasagna reminded me of one of my other favorite butternut squash meals- butternut squash ravioli. It has all of the flavors of the ravioli, but is much easier to put together. The roasted squash, cheese, sage, and pasta, it's all there. The lasagna requires minimal prep time, especially since it takes advantage of no-boil lasagna noodles. Plus, I always enjoy adding new and flavorful vegetarian meals to ... [Continue Reading]

Panera Mac and Cheese | Kristine's Kitchen

Panera Mac and Cheese

This summer flew by, probably because the kids and I were so busy. Between swimming lessons, My Gym classes, more swimming, and running errands, we had someplace to be pretty much every day. Sometimes when the kids and I are out and about, I like to treat us by going out to lunch or for a morning snack. Often we'll choose to eat at Panera, because it's kid-friendly and we love the menu of bagels, sandwiches, and salads. If it's lunchtime, Julia always orders the mac and cheese and (not always willingly) shares some with her little brother. I was excited to find that Panera's mac and cheese recipe is available on their website, so that we can enjoy it at home as well. Julia loved the ... [Continue Reading]

Cheesy Mac Bolognese by Kristine's Kitchen

Cheesy Mac Bolognese

You know how sometimes you just need some cheesy, baked pasta in your life? I am here to help with those times. I love this Cheesy Mac Bolgnese because it's (obviously) pasta baked with melty cheese and bolognese sauce, it's easy to throw together, and it gets even better the second and third day as the flavors have time to come together. Great leftovers are a real plus when I have a busy week like this one... back-to-school means I am back to teaching... exciting but also crazy busy times! Cooking once and then not having to worry about cooking dinner for the next day or two is so helpful when I am getting back into the routine of balancing work and family. Typically I make this with ... [Continue Reading]

One Pot Stovetop Mac n Cheese | Kristine's Kitchen

One Pot Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Why is it that around one year of age kids suddenly start to get picky about their food? There are those few months before the one year mark where little ones are open to trying (and usually liking) just about anything, and then all of a sudden that all changes. You put some broccoli or scrambled eggs on the high chair tray and are thanked with a face that says, “Really, this is what you expect me to eat?” If you're a parent, I'm pretty sure you know what face I'm talking about. William, as was Julia, is all about the bread, fruit, and dairy when it comes to eating, with a little meat thrown in for good measure. Still, I make sure to offer him a variety of foods, and we all eat the same ... [Continue Reading]