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Slow Cooker Make Ahead Meal Plan

I can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of make ahead slow cooker meals:
more time, less stress in the evenings, and tasty, healthy dinners! 

Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plan

Cook dinner with less stress, in less time!

With this Slow Cooker Meal Plan eCookbook, you will:

  • Get a delicious and healthy dinner on your table in minutes.
  • Spend less time cooking dinner by prepping multiple dinners ahead of time.
  • Have more time on the weekend because the grocery lists are made for you, just print and go.
  • Save time because ALL of the planning is done for you with ready-to-go meal plans, shopping lists and printable recipes.

This meal plan contains my best freezer to slow cooker recipes, so that you can stock your freezer for stress-free weekdays. You don’t have to make the recipes as freezer meals, but I’m convinced that if you try it you will be hooked. It will take you an hour or less to prepare ingredients for a whole week’s worth of slow cooker dinners!

3 slow cooker freezer meals in 35 minutes! These make ahead freezer to crockpot meals are so EASY and delicious!

For each recipe, you have three make ahead options:

  • Option 1: Prep the ingredients and freeze for up to three months (before cooking). When you’re ready to eat each meal, thaw and cook it in your slow cooker. With this option, you can batch prep many meals at once. You can prep a week’s worth of dinners in about 1 hour!
  • Option 2: Prep the ingredients for each meal the day before you plan to cook it, refrigerate, then put them in your slow cooker the next morning.
  • Option 3: Prep and cook each meal right away, on the day when you plan to eat the meal.

EASY slow cooker freezer meals! A 21 day meal plan with the best freezer to crockpot recipes!

This eCookbook includes:

  • A 21 day dinner meal plan for your family
  • Beautiful recipe photos with full instructions (no links to follow or web pages to load)
  • Printable grocery lists to save you time
  • Printable freezer labels if you want to prep multiple meals ahead of time
  • The most frequently asked questions, answers and tips to save you time
  • Nutrition information for every recipe
  • Easy, step by step instructions

This eCookbook includes delicious recipes everyone will enjoy, including 4 chicken recipes, 2 beef recipes and 1 pork recipe and 5 vegetarian recipes.  11 of the recipes are dairy-free and 6 are gluten-free.

What is an eCookbook?

An eCookbook is a digital product in PDF format that you can download to any computer, tablet or smartphone. You may also print it from your home computer if you wish.


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Hundreds of people have already purchased Kristine’s meal plans. Here’s what people are saying about this slow cooker meal plan:

“As a mom of four small kids, my life is extremely busy. This cookbook is easy to use and helped me get a healthy, home cooked dinner on the table even though we have activities and homework to do in the afternoon. I love that I can prep a few ingredients in the morning and come home to a fantastic meal. Thank you Kristine’s Kitchen!” -Karrie

“This book makes it so easy for me to cook healthy dinners for my family. I work full time and have two young kids. I love that all of the planning is done for me – it saves me so much time! I don’t have time to prep food for my slow cooker before work, so making these freezer meals on the weekend has been such a help. All I have to do is thaw a meal the day before and put it in my slow cooker in the morning. It is so nice to come home to a home cooked dinner that’s all ready!” -Lisa

“This slow cooker meal plan is really well organized. I love how it provides options for preparing the meals for the slow cooker, because I often wonder what to do if I can’t prepare the slow cooker in the morning. The shopping lists are easy to print. There is even enough space to write in additional items. I also really like that the recipes can cook for 8 hours. I often come across slow cooker recipes that only cook for 4 or 6 hours, which is hard to plan around. Wish I had this when my daughter was born!” -Elizabeth

“I’ve made several of Kristine’s recipes over the years and they’re always so simple to make and delicious! Kristine’s e-book lays out everything you need to know for how to get a wholesome dinner on the table without spending all day in the kitchen.” -Danielle

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kinds of recipes are in the eBook? Are there vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free recipes?

There are 5 vegetarian recipes, 4 chicken recipes, 2 beef recipes and 1 pork recipe.

11 of the recipes are dairy-free and 6 are gluten-free.

Can these recipes cook all day? I’m out of the house all day at work.

Yes! I specifically created these recipes to be able to cook all day. Every recipe can cook for 8 hours if needed. You can also set your programmable slow cooker to switch to the keep warm setting for to 2 hours after cooking.

Do the recipes taste good? I don’t want to eat food that is mushy or tastes the same all week long.

The meals taste delicious! One look through the photos of these recipes and you will be hungry! Each week has a variety of types of meals, so you’ll never have to eat soup all week long.

Are the recipes easy to make? Do they use hard to find ingredients?

All of the recipes have a prep time of just 10-15 minutes, with one 20 minute prep recipe. If you choose, you can spend one hour each weekend prepping all of the meals for the week and then freeze until you are ready to cook them. There are no crazy ingredients. You should be able to find them in any grocery store.

What if I leave early for work and don’t have time to prep my slow cooker in the morning?

Every recipe has three preparation options with directions for each: (1) Prep and cook right away, (2) Prep the day before, refrigerate, transfer to your slow cooker in the morning, or (3) Prep ingredients on the weekend or whenever you have time, freeze, thaw and slow cook when you are ready. You can prep a whole week’s worth of meals in about an hour.

With options 2 and 3, it’s just a matter of transferring prepped ingredients to your slow cooker and turning it on. No matter which option you choose, the meals taste equally delicious.

How long will it take me to plan and prepare for these meals?

I’ve done ALL of the planning for you. The meal plans and shopping lists are made for you so all you have to do is grocery shop and prep ingredients. It should take you about an hour to prep one week’s worth of recipes as freezer to slow cooker meals. 👏

EASY slow cooker freezer meals! A 21 day meal plan with the best freezer to crockpot recipes!

Return Policy:

I want you to love this cookbook. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 7 days to request a refund.

Thank you for supporting Kristine’s Kitchen and making it possible for me to share recipes from my kitchen to yours!

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