One More Makes Four!

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Yes, you read that right… we’re expecting baby #4!



We are completely thrilled that our family will be growing once again in the fall.

I’m currently 18 weeks and feeling pretty good, just a little more tired than usual. I’m past the first trimester exhaustion and nausea, and I think I look way more pregnant than 18 weeks. When it’s your fourth, the belly just pops right out! This next photo was just taken yesterday.

How do the kids feel about adding a new little one to our family?

Hannah (our 2 year old), as much as she can understand, is really excited about the baby. She asks to give the baby a kiss almost every night, and promises that she’s going to be my helper with the new baby. 🙂

Julia (8) and William (5) are also excited, but usually too busy doing their own thing to say much about their brother- or sister-to-be. They do want to know if it’s a boy or a girl, though! Julia thinks it’s a girl and William thinks it’s a boy. Of course.

Will we find out the gender? We’re not sure yet! The planner in me wants to know, but I also think it would be fun to be surprised for this last baby since we found out for all of the other kids.

When we first found out we were really having a fourth we had some moments of panic. Three kids is not easy, so adding one more to the mix seemed overwhelming at times. Now I’m just excited and confident that this really is the best thing for our family. I’m full of gratitude for this little one growing in my belly and feel so blessed that our kids get to grow up as part of a big family.

While I have the time and energy, I’m working on getting organized and getting my kids more involved in helping out around the house. I’ll be sharing more about what’s working for us in terms of organization, meal planning, and food prep soon!






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