Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Thick, creamy, and healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie! My favorite!

A healthy smoothie made with just 4 ingredients (plus ice). This Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie is thick, creamy, and a great energy booster! In the summertime I crave smoothies. Wait a minute, that's not right. I crave smoothies all year long! Especially this easy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie, made with just four ingredients in a matter of minutes. I like to make all kinds of smoothies, but I have to say this one is my absolute favorite. Because, um, peanut butter. Can't get enough of the stuff! We go through peanut butter like crazy in our house. Mostly because I bake with it. And William eats a pb&j sandwich pretty much daily. Julia still won't touch peanut butter though. I don't ... [Continue Reading]

Olive, Tomato and Feta Pita Crisps with Avocado

Olive, Tomato and Feta Pita Crisps with Avocado - an easy appetizer that's completely addicting!

These Olive, Tomato and Feta Pita Crisps with Avocado are an easy appetizer or snack, perfect for all sorts of occasions. Made with whole wheat pita, olives and tomatoes, they are healthy and addicting little bites! When I think of olives, I think of pizza, being a kid, and this sandwich that I craved all the time during my last pregnancy.  As a kid, I could not eat enough olives, and the same is true today.  My own children seem to agree, and will eat as many olives as I let them.  If I'm in the kitchen cooking and they see I've opened up a can of olives, there they are, little hands outstretched and asking for some olives please! My family loves California Black Ripe Olives.  ... [Continue Reading]

Cherry Pie with Almond and Oat Crumble

Juicy cherry pie with almond oat crumble! Like a pie and a crisp in one!

Sweet juicy cherries plus an almond oat crumble make this pie something special. This Cherry Pie with Almond and Oat Crumble just might become your new favorite pie! It had been too long since I made a pie. Baking pies is something that I tend to do seasonally. Around the holidays, pumpkin and apple pies are a given. Then there's that long pie-less stretch of months in between Christmas and summer when we are enjoying winter comfort foods and then the arrival of spring produce. By the time summer rolls around, I'm craving the process of making a homemade pie as well as a big slice of that pie! Summer fruits just about beg to be made into a pie, crisp, or crumble. Peaches, strawberries, ... [Continue Reading]

Spicy Kung Pao Stir-Fry with Summer Squash

Just 30 minutes to make this healthy, spicy Kung Pao Stir-Fry with Summer Squash!

Why order take-out when you can make this Spicy Kung Pao Stir-Fry with Summer Squash in 30 minutes at home?  It's our new favorite way to enjoy the flavors of Kung Pao in a healthy homemade meal! One of my favorite things about cooking is that I can make dishes at home that I'd usually order at a restaurant. We enjoy going out to eat, but most of the time I'd rather just stay in the comfort of my own home. In my pj's and make-up free, if that's the kind of day it is. :) Whenever we go out for Chinese food, we always order Kung Pao Chicken. Even the kids like it, so long as we make sure there are no spicy pepper flakes on their chicken. Brad and I love the spice, ... [Continue Reading]

Spinach Pesto Pasta with Fresh Green Beans and Chicken

This Spinach Pesto Pasta with Fresh Green Beans and Chicken is a fresh and healthy summer meal!

This Spinach Pesto Pasta with Fresh Green Beans and Chicken is a delicious way to enjoy fresh vegetables. Made with whole wheat pasta, it's a light and healthy summer meal! Last week I wasn't feeling the whole meal planning thing. I'm usually really good about planning out our dinners for each night of the week, but I needed a break. So I just added a few staple foods like chicken, tortillas and cheese to our grocery list and decided to figure the rest out later. Most weeks it works best for me and my family to have a menu plan, but it was refreshing to take a break for a week and it actually inspired some new recipes! I had to get creative with what we had in our refrigerator and ... [Continue Reading]

Almond Butter Oat Chocolate Chip Blondies

Almond Butter Oat Blondies. Soft and chewy cookie bars with a subtle caramel flavor! Gluten-free.

These Almond Butter Oat Chocolate Chip Blondies are my latest addiction!  They're soft and packed with oats and almond butter, making them a healthier cookie bar! I know we're in the middle of the week right now, but let's talk about weekends for a minute. Does anyone have any tricks for making the weekends last longer? I feel like one minute we're celebrating the fact that it's Friday, and the next it's already Sunday night and time to start a new week. And I'm left wondering where the weekend went. I've been thinking about how we spend our weekends and have come up with a few ideas that I'd like to try to help get the most out of them. ... [Continue Reading]

Barley Salad with Grilled Asparagus and Nectarines

Barley Salad with Grilled Asparagus and Nectarines, plus tangy feta, crunchy almonds and a light honey-lemon dressing! The best side dish or lunch!

A light and healthy summer dish, this Barley Salad with Grilled Asparagus and Nectarines is packed with flavor! Feta cheese, shallots, and sliced almonds complement the fruits and vegetables in this barley salad. How was your weekend? Ours was a good mix of fun and getting stuff done. Last week I finished teaching for the year and I'm now on summer break. I'll be home with the kids this summer, and we plan to spend lots of time in the backyard, and at the park, library, and pool. I think the key to keeping everyone happy and busy will be an outing each day! I'm excited to spend the summer home enjoying time with the kids, and I'm also hopeful that I will have a little time to get some ... [Continue Reading]

Pear, Feta and Walnut Pizza

This Pear, Feta and Walnut Pizza is my all-time favorite!

This Pear, Feta and Walnut Pizza is not your ordinary pizza.  The combination of sweet pears, tangy feta and toasty walnuts is out of this world delicious! Happy Friday, Friends! How has your week been? Mine's been crazy busy, but I did have the day off yesterday. I used the extra time to catch up on some housework and laundry (or at least try to), work on report cards, and take care of the kids of course! This weekend is going to be a full one, between the soccer field, finishing up report cards (next week is the last week of school – woo hoo!), and other miscellaneous kid and house stuff. What are your weekend plans? There are a few recipes that I make that I've been making ... [Continue Reading]