Slow Cooker Blueberry Peach Cobbler

A healthier Slow Cooker Blueberry Peach Cobbler recipe, full of juicy berries and peaches and a touch of brown sugar. This easy dessert is made entirely in your crock pot! Who out there is a fan of using your slow cooker to make life easier? My hand is raised as high as can be! Some of my all-time favorite recipes are made in my crock pot. Like these Honey BBQ Slow Cooker Chicken Taquitos. And this EASY Slow Cooker Lasagna. I used to only use my slow cooker for dinner recipes. But lately I'm loving how easy it is to make dessert in my slow cooker. When I shared this Slow Cooker Apple Crisp recipe, I never imagined how popular it would become. It's one of my top viewed recipes ... [Continue Reading]

Honey BBQ Slow Cooker Chicken Taquitos

Easy Honey BBQ Slow Cooker Chicken Taquitos, filled with a creamy mixture of chicken, cheese, and homemade BBQ sauce! Cooking the chicken in the crock pot makes it so tender and full of delicious BBQ flavor! These Honey BBQ Slow Cooker Chicken Taquitos... they're my favorite easy meal right now! With these taquitos, you get a lot of payoff for your (minimal) efforts. The recipe makes about 18 good-sized taquitos. Depending on the size of your family, you should have plenty of leftovers. Freeze those leftover taquitos, and you'll have the easiest meal ever waiting and ready for super busy nights. These freeze so well, and I've included freezer directions in the recipe ... [Continue Reading]

Lemon Cream Scones with Chia Seeds

An easy recipe for Lemon Cream Scones with Chia Seeds. Enjoy these light and tender citrus scones for brunch or dessert! Here we are again with another lemon recipe! What can I say? I'm addicted. From this Favorite Green Smoothie, to these Lemon Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Bars and more, I just can't get enough. One of my favorite easy recipes that I've made ... [Continue Reading]

Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie

This Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie is naturally sweetened with fruit and gets its creaminess from protein-packed Greek yogurt. It's a healthy way to get your milkshake fix! When it comes to this blog, there are many things that I am grateful for. One of those things is that I can look back on older posts and remember the stage of life that I was in at that time. Sometimes I'll be searching through my older recipes, looking for something, and I'll stumble upon a memory that makes me smile. That's what happened with this Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie. I wanted to update this recipe and re-share it, because it's still a favorite of ours and it had gotten a bit lost in the archives. ... [Continue Reading]

Mexican Quinoa and Sweet Potato Skillet

This Mexican Quinoa and Sweet Potato Skillet is an easy one pot meal that you can have on your table in 30 minutes. Here we are again... it's a new month and another 30 Minute Thursday! If you're new here, let me explain. On the first Thursday of each month a few of my blogging friends and I each share a recipe that can be made in 30 minutes or less, start to finish. We want to help you get dinner on the table, and fast! Since today also happens to be Cinco de Mayo, I couldn't help but share a Mexican-inspired recipe! I took this Quinoa and Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole, one of my all-time most popular recipes, and adapted it ... [Continue Reading]

Loaded Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

These soft whole wheat chocolate chip cookies are loaded with toasted coconut, pecans, and oats! How do you like your chocolate chip cookies? Most of the time, I prefer my cookies to be simple, with just chocolate chips and an extra teaspoon or two of vanilla for flavor. The other day, though, I was craving a cookie with a bit more to it. For these Loaded Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies, I've toasted the coconut, pecans, and oats before adding them to the cookie dough. Toasting the mix-ins brings out their flavor and makes these cookies extra delicious! ... [Continue Reading]

16 Best Healthy Pancake Recipes

The best healthy pancake recipes, perfect for Mother's Day or any weekend breakfast. Includes whole grain, refined sugar free, dairy free, vegan, and gluten free options. Click here to pin and save this list of the best healthy pancake recipes for later! Hey there! How's life been treating you this week? As we head into the weekend, I thought you could use some breakfast inspiration! Since Tuesday's post, I've been thinking about how easy it is to make healthy pancakes, and how versatile they are. You can change up the flavors and ingredients in so many ways, and you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We've done all three! Most pancakes freeze well, making them a great ... [Continue Reading]

Lemon Greek Yogurt Pancakes

You will love these light and fluffy Lemon Greek Yogurt Pancakes! These easy pancakes are extra thick and soft, packed with protein, and secretly healthy! This post is brought to you in partnership with REALĀ® Seal. All thoughts and opinions are my own. April is more than half over and Mother's Day is just around the corner. How did that happen?? I wanted to share with you at least one recipe that you can make for Mom for Mother's Day breakfast, and when I sat down to brainstorm I decided it had to be pancakes. Most everyone likes pancakes and they are easy enough that you can make them without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I'm hoping to convince Brad and the kids to make ... [Continue Reading]